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Racing ICON and Legend Dan Gurney passes away

 Racing loses an icon. January 15th, 2018 Racing ICON and Legend Dan Gurney passes away. Dan Could drive successfully drive any type of race car. He was widely known as an innovator in car building  and for his observations  while racing and testing. We read one time how he could tell how a competitors chassis was handling by the blue haze that developed on tires at mid high speed turns. We've captured some of his different cars from google. The [...]

Birch Run Speedway announces return of pro late models

Birch Run Speedway Announces return of Pro Late Model Division

Rules, Schedule and More Birch Run, Michigan (January 11, 2018):This is news we are very excited to be able to pass along. We have a long time affiliation, history and fondness for Birch Run Speedway (Formerly Dixie Motor Speedway) The 2018 racing season marks the return of house division racing to Birch Run Speedway & Event Center after a four and a half year absence. The house dates and rules have been set for the Pro Late Model division in [...]


2017 Year in Review: Jon Parish Racing

What a journey! 2017 Was a year of accomplishment for our team at Jon Parish Racing. We had set out with specific goals in mind. With a lot of hard work, busted knuckles, late nights, early mornings, cold days, hot days and some real challenges, we got it done. We racked up our second Championship in 4 years racing. 2017 Year in Review has some great statistics for Jon. It had some big challenges. It had some heart breaks and [...]

Tire Circumference

Tire Stagger – How to check it. When to touch it. When to leave it.

What exactly is Tire Stagger? Tire Stagger is the difference in tire circumference between the left and right side tires. Here in the United States we measure it in inches. On the front of the Chassis we measure the difference in size between the right front and left front tire. On the rear of the Chassis, we measure the size difference between the right rear tire and the left rear tire. When we are talking about tire stagger we are [...]


Circle Of Traction Theory

What is circle of traction theory? The circle of traction theory is a way to express how much traction is available for a given type of tire. The image above is a visual representation of the circle of traction. When you have a tire on the racing surface there is a certain contact patch that is generated between the tire and the surface depending on the load that the tire is asked to support. Tires have more traction available as [...]


Huge news out! Kalamazoo Speedway & Nascars Future

Very Big Press release from Kalamazoo Speedway. We've read through the reasons and they come to a logical conclusion.  As time evolves, racing goes through ebb's and flows. Gary Howe has decided to make some significant changes to the program at Kalamazoo. We've read the specifics and they do make sense. You will find a link at the bottom of the page to take you directly to Kalamazoo Speedway for all their latest news and information. The following is the [...]


What is “Search for a Champion” Sponsorship contest and How do I win prizes by voting?

PRIZES $115,000 IN SPONSORSHIPS After all of the On the Track entries battle it out in Round One, the top 30 Finalists will receive $500 and move on to compete for the $50,000 On the Track Grand Prize sponsorship. And for the fans, each and every vote cast during the voting period enters you to win one of the 200 sweepstakes prizes. VOTING BEGINS IN JANUARY FAN'S! KEEP CHECKING WITH OUR PAGE PLEASE! Springport Mi, (December 24th, 2017) Local Driver & Bandolero Champion [...]


Springport Mi Champion enters National Sponsor Contest (voters eligible to win also)

Jon Parish 2017 Bandolero Champion Springport, Michigan (December 21st, 2017). Today we are excited to announce that Jon is entered into a new National contest put on by Champion Spark Plugs. Search for a Champion is the promotion. It's an exiting contest for a couple of reasons.  For the fan's and voters, they are entered into a chance to win prizes by supporting Jon Parish Racing. For Jon himself, This enters him into a chance at a national level sponsorship. The grand [...]


Learning how to set up a pass in Bandolero Restrictor Plate Racing

Learning how to pass for the first time as a young driver is a daunting experience for many. The seasoned driver makes it look easy or almost second nature, although there are many subtle things that must occur, once you understand the process. There are a few things you must remember while restrictor plate racing and while setting up for the pass. 1. You actually must give yourself adequate space - For the novice, you would think that you need to be absolutely [...]


New Product Release: GM LS Turbo Exhaust Manifolds

Springport, Michigan (December 15th 2017) is proud to announce GM LS turbo exhaust manifolds. Designed as a way to add a turbo system to most LS engines (except LS 7 and LS 9) manufactured from high silicon moly ductile iron which is more durable and has better heat retention then fabricated headers. This manifold kit contains all the basic hardware except turbo crossover tube (which must be purchased separately) needed for installation on most common LS engine swaps. [...]