Learning how to set up a pass in Bandolero Restrictor Plate Racing

Learning how to set up a pass in Bandolero Restrictor Plate Racing

Learning how to pass for the first time as a young driver is a daunting experience for many. The seasoned driver makes it look easy or almost second nature, although there are many subtle things that must occur, once you understand the process.

There are a few things you must remember while restrictor plate racing and while setting up for the pass.

1. You actually must give yourself adequate space – For the novice, you would think that you need to be absolutely as close as possible to someone to pull off a pass. That is not entirely the case. Restrictor plate racing is all about momentum.  Momentum means maintaining speed. If you are “faster” than someone else and are getting a run on them, the worst thing possible is to be right behind their back bumper by an inch or so and then have to let off your throttle pedal. Letting off the throttle, when restrictor plate racing is very bad, unless you need to do it to navigate the corner, or to keep from hitting some one. You need to get a run on people. You can’t do this if you are inches from their bumper and off the gas. The moment that you let off and they have been able to remain the throttle, they are going to pull car lengths away before you can catch back up again.  If you have a run, you can carry that speed right on past.

Don’t discount aerodynamics and their effect, even on the shortest of tracks – That’s correct. Aerodynamics and
Drafting play a roll in Bandolero Restrictor Plate Racing.  The larger the track, the more you can feel the car “suck up” while in the slipstream of the car in front of you. You can use this timing to your advantage to really get a sling shot effect, just like the big boys in the Nascar circuit. Use your opponents own power breaking the wind to slow them down while you ride in the wake without the wind drag, you can build speed and over take them. Your lap times many times are faster, when you are in the slip stream of a car in front of you.

3. Use an early or late apex to over take the car in front of you. You must study the line of the competitor in front of you. You can tell pretty early on if their car is pushing or loose. Once you decide what their car is doing, you can alter the apex (rotation point) of your car, to pull under, or get a run on them off the corner. In the accompanying video below, you can study driver Jon Parish in the 36 car as he works traffic, setting up competitors for the pass. He does classic cross over moves, and altered apex over taking time and again in these short clips. You can watch it several times. You’ll begin to notice that “moves” are often being made, a half track, or more ahead of time, setting a driver up, for their weak position on the race track. After a couple laps you’ll know if you are faster than the car in front of you in certain corners. Get yourself in position, either inside or outside of them in the turn before to capitalize. Jon and his friend Logan in the 52 car are skilled at this, and it is a pleasure to watch them.

4. Guard the front suspension of your car at all costs.  In the video below, the more times you watch it, you will notice Jon never touches another car. The reasons for this are many. The top ones are this. If you don’t touch anyone, you are probably going to keep the toe setting just perfect in the car. Bandolero’s, especially restrictor plate Bandolero’s are all about efficiency. They need all the “power” they can get. They need every ounce of it. If you have bent suspension components from banging your way through the field, you’re not going to win races, AND you’ll have upset drivers and parents and race officials when you return to your pit stall. You will be more more likely to have a track record capable car if you can work on your setup between sessions instead of changing crash parts.  Cars with toe that is where it is designed to run, do not drag off corner or straightaway speed. That’s a speed secret. Bent front ends are a quick trip to loserville. We’d rather be in the winners circle any day.

Check out this video, and its best viewed at full screen to be able to see more moves. You can watch it over and over to check out the moves and incorporate some into your own race program.  If we can help you with getting up to speed in your race program, give us a call at 989.395.0933

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