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Tire Circumference

Tire Stagger – How to check it. When to touch it. When to leave it.

What exactly is Tire Stagger? Tire Stagger is the difference in tire circumference between the left and right side tires. Here in the United States we measure it in inches. On the front of the Chassis we measure the difference in size between the right front and left front tire. On the rear of the Chassis, we measure the size difference between the right rear tire and the left rear tire. When we are talking about tire stagger we are [...]


Circle Of Traction Theory

What is circle of traction theory? The circle of traction theory is a way to express how much traction is available for a given type of tire. The image above is a visual representation of the circle of traction. When you have a tire on the racing surface there is a certain contact patch that is generated between the tire and the surface depending on the load that the tire is asked to support. Tires have more traction available as [...]


What is “Search for a Champion” Sponsorship contest and How do I win prizes by voting?

PRIZES $115,000 IN SPONSORSHIPS After all of the On the Track entries battle it out in Round One, the top 30 Finalists will receive $500 and move on to compete for the $50,000 On the Track Grand Prize sponsorship. And for the fans, each and every vote cast during the voting period enters you to win one of the 200 sweepstakes prizes. VOTING BEGINS IN JANUARY FAN'S! KEEP CHECKING WITH OUR PAGE PLEASE! Springport Mi, (December 24th, 2017) Local Driver & Bandolero Champion [...]


Learning how to set up a pass in Bandolero Restrictor Plate Racing

Learning how to pass for the first time as a young driver is a daunting experience for many. The seasoned driver makes it look easy or almost second nature, although there are many subtle things that must occur, once you understand the process. There are a few things you must remember while restrictor plate racing and while setting up for the pass. 1. You actually must give yourself adequate space - For the novice, you would think that you need to be absolutely [...]