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Racing ICON and Legend Dan Gurney passes away

 Racing loses an icon. January 15th, 2018 Racing ICON and Legend Dan Gurney passes away. Dan Could drive successfully drive any type of race car. He was widely known as an innovator in car building  and for his observations  while racing and testing. We read one time how he could tell how a competitors chassis was handling by the blue haze that developed on tires at mid high speed turns. We've captured some of his different cars from google. The [...]


Huge news out! Kalamazoo Speedway & Nascars Future

Very Big Press release from Kalamazoo Speedway. We've read through the reasons and they come to a logical conclusion.  As time evolves, racing goes through ebb's and flows. Gary Howe has decided to make some significant changes to the program at Kalamazoo. We've read the specifics and they do make sense. You will find a link at the bottom of the page to take you directly to Kalamazoo Speedway for all their latest news and information. The following is the [...]